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Adlanna 85

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Last night I managed to hit 85 with Adlanna after a fairly easy stroll. After I got Wizzam kitted up in 346 gear for raiding I soon began dabbling on my 60 priest. It wasn't long before I grew quite attached and wan...

DING! 85

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Yeyyy I hit 85 last night. Just over a week since I started on Cataclysm, playing a little more than casual, completed on the coast of Uldum. Didn't get much chance to gear up afterwards due to my average iLvl ...

Ding 60! 60! 60!

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It's been pretty quiet for me in World of Warcraft recently. With limited time I haven't been able to take part in any raids, and I've got the best gear outside ICC after the Justice Point conversion so farming herioc...