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First Fantasy team for LCS

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So Riot have released a fantasy league for the LCS and me and 3 friends have created our own little league. As you can see on the right I went for a little bit of a colour pattern with the white and blue. Ran out...

Spare Riot Skin Codes

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Went to all stars in Paris last weekend and have some skin codes left over. They can be used once in every region, all but 1 have been used in EUW already. There is 1 spare Riot Blitzcrank skin that hasn't been...

Thresh Plays – You cant kill what is already dead

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Playing a bit of Thresh and fighting them all off! My Youtube Channel - Taken from Twitch stream -

Easy triple

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Hedley goes too deep so I have to clean up with a triple kill.

R2G – Troll teammates :@

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Had such a frustrating night last night playing ranked. Managed to have some free time to make another big push to move up the leagues and after 2 great games to start I began to encounter troll after troll. Ended up ...

R2G – Ranked ladder getting steep

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The road to Gold recently has turned into quite the dirt road... with major potholes... some flooded areas... and very steep inclines. Over the last week or so my ranked play has took a serious turn for the worst. ...

Worlds Predictions and Thoughts

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WARNING - SPOILERS I just finished watching the first game between Gambit and Najin Sword off the back of Fnatic's Bo3 with Cloud9 and all I can say is wow! Every one of these quarter finals have been a great to wa...

League of legends spark

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Over the last couple of days I've started to play less WoW and more LoL. Mainly due to the annoyance of not being able to do arena without conquest gear and not being able to get much conquest gear due to lengthy batt...