A lucky day

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So after dinging 80 on Wizzam I got to work farming random dungeons to gear up on emblems, as I was fortunate to get straight into heriocs this wasn't a problem however I was unsure on what to spend my emblems on so I...

Azjol Fail Fall

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So we all know how boring heriocs can get these days, same dungeons day in day out as you farm your badges whether it be the 2 frost or countless triumphs. Well sometimes you can come across some strange experiences a...

Wizzam dings 80!

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Last night I managed to ding 80 on my mage, so that is now two characters at 80 just in time for Cataclysm. However after having one character at 60 in vanilla and two at 70 in TBC, I had hoped for three at 80 in WotL...

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