GTA Heist Help – Pacific Standard Finale

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After reading a 'Pacific Heists Myth Busting' thread on reddit from SanshaXII I decide to compile it into an easy to read guide with tips. STEP 1 Designate a carrier and a driver from your group. The carrier sh...

Day 1 Rep Calculator for Joe’s 15 day fat loss challenge

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Recently Joe Sexton has released a 15 day fat loss challenge. The first day consisted of Squats, Burpees and Press-ups. His challenge was to do 1 of each with 30secs rest, then 2 of each with 30sec rest, then 3 and...

First Fantasy team for LCS

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So Riot have released a fantasy league for the LCS and me and 3 friends have created our own little league. As you can see on the right I went for a little bit of a colour pattern with the white and blue. Ran out...

Spare Riot Skin Codes

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Went to all stars in Paris last weekend and have some skin codes left over. They can be used once in every region, all but 1 have been used in EUW already. There is 1 spare Riot Blitzcrank skin that hasn't been...

Thresh Plays – You cant kill what is already dead

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Playing a bit of Thresh and fighting them all off! My Youtube Channel - Taken from Twitch stream -

Easy triple

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Hedley goes too deep so I have to clean up with a triple kill.

Ezreal gets greedy under tower

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Ezreal gets greedy chasing Jinx under the tower.

R2G – Troll teammates :@

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Had such a frustrating night last night playing ranked. Managed to have some free time to make another big push to move up the leagues and after 2 great games to start I began to encounter troll after troll. Ended up ...

DIY Project – New Office Update #2

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Its been a while and as time has gone on I've put this off more and more with every bit of progress with the office. I don't even know where to start but I guess a good place would be to just upload progress photos :D...

Thoughts about Drawing

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Drawing has always interested me. Like many other creative hobbies it is something I wish I got into a lot more when I was younger. Playing guitar is another one of those hobbies but we'll go into that another time. ...

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