After reading a ‘Pacific Heists Myth Busting‘ thread on reddit from SanshaXII I decide to compile it into an easy to read guide with tips.


Designate a carrier and a driver from your group.
The carrier should be the best at avoiding fire and usually the poorest shooter.
The driver is your best driver and will need to own the following;

Apartment : 0604 Las Lagunas Blvd, Apt 4
Car : Kuruma (Armoured)

The carrier will need either the Demoltions or Hacker role.


When in the bank both the Demo and Hacker will go downstairs.
The carrier will collect all the cash while the other member goes back up stairs to help with intimidation. The longer you are in the bank the quicker the bar begins to drop.
Regroup at the front of the bank once all cash collected.


The teams best gunners go first and clear out all the police.
The carrier needs to make sure they stay in cover AT ALL TIMES.
When you reach the alley make sure someone covers the rear as cops will continue to spawn.
Follow the checkpoints as normal until you reach the bikes.


Every body each mounts a bike. Then dismount when you get the message ‘get to the canyon
Stay together and either climb over this wall to the apartment; the door is to your immediate left. Or, jump over the rail and get buzzed into the garage. Your call; but fucking hustle.
Once all in the garage the driver climbs in the Kuruma, the carrier in the front passenger seat and other members in the back.
The carrier should hold the duck key for the remaining journey.


Drive straight to the boat, you DO NOT NEED to complete the jump and parachute.
Western Highway is the most direct route. However you can go via the road to Martin Madrazo’s ranch, join the railway at Stab City then go off at the bridge right before the tunnel and take the road straight to the boat.
Try to end up on the higher road and carefully slide down the cliff. Less chance of cop cars with you when you get out.




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