league of legends all-star 2014

Went to all stars in Paris last weekend and have some skin codes left over.

They can be used once in every region, all but 1 have been used in EUW already. There is 1 spare Riot Blitzcrank skin that hasn’t been used anywhere.

Before they expire I would love to make sure other League of Legends fans around the world get these free skin codes.

To avoid bots from crawling the net and stealing the skin codes before real people get a chance I will replace 1 of the numbers with a ?

Guess the number and get the skin, and if you don’t already have it the champion too.

Free to use in all regions

RW?6U9RAGXY39K – Riot Blitz

Used in EUW but free in all other regions

RWYMV?RY97666V – Riot Blitz

RW?Y7T4FCNNQCZ – Riot Blitz



RW6WD?KR4CD4L9 – Arctic Varus

RWPMTVA?QYKPFD – Arcade Hecarim

RWUAGHTNKMCPM? – Arcade Hecarim (missing a letter)

RW9UFHCAUM?R6M – Arcade Hecarim

Enjoy and I would love anyone to tweet me a screenshot to @deew0n so I know these went to players that appreciate them 😀

Codes expire sometime in the next few days so please be quick!


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