First LCS fantasy team
So Riot have released a fantasy league for the LCS and me and 3 friends have created our own little league.

As you can see on the right I went for a little bit of a colour pattern with the white and blue. Ran out of whites once I reached my alternatives so white shirt was the next best thing!

First week I’m up against my other half. Will see how things fair out. Can’t be losing to a girl.

If you want to create you own you can by heading over to

Someone needs to create a league and you need to fill all the spots in the league before you can start. Then when it begins it goes into a live draft pick similar to the draft pick ingame. You each get a chance to pick a player and the spot you want him to fill on your team.

Good luck everyone. I may give the ESL fantasy league a shot too and see how that works out. Can’t imagine it will be a similar draft pick feature but would love to compete in leagues of 20-30 other people if possible! Similar to the way the Premier League site does it hopefully.

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