Had such a frustrating night last night playing ranked. Managed to have some free time to make another big push to move up the leagues and after 2 great games to start I began to encounter troll after troll. Ended up coming off feeling so annoyed and in the mindset of ‘fuck league, dont even want to play this shitty game anyway’.

Other than my game as Caitlyn, over all I feel I played quite well. I did have a good start during the laning phase of that game even with Thresh missing so many hooks. But the troll in that game consisted of an argument between two players who wanted top. We ended up with no jungler and usually I would just dodge a game like this. I had just came off 2 great games, one of which our premade bot who started poor managed to turn themselves back around to help us win (despite the grief they were getting), so I gave them a chance to hopefully just push and win. They didn’t. They were getting killed over and over in a 2v1, without the help of the jungle shaco on the other team who free roamed our buffs and lanes.

Next up was the classic spoil brat troll. This was a ziggs playing mid. We all started the game quite strong, was looking good until he decided to take a hissy fit because shen jungling didn’t give him blue. Ziggs ended up leaving his lane and just jungling all the camps giving their karma freedom to push mid. From there it just became a big arguefest and everyone’s morale just died.

I decided to take a break and just have some fun, jumped in a normal game and ended up with top. It is probably one of my weakest lanes but great time to learn to improve. I grabbed nid as I hadn’t played her yet but couldn’t grasp all the mechanics. Ended up 1/4 in the laning phase but after my team carried hard we took a win.

Off that boost I ventured back into solo q but my good morale was short lived. The next troll to come out of the woodwork was a Teemo playing mid. He had already raged in chat because we banned jinx who he wanted to play (without mentioning beforehand). Proceeded to go 0/5 mid and just give the whole team shit from the go. I was due to play ADC but swapped up for support as our last pick said he was weak support. Another poor decision as they didn’t seem to know or perform at all as ADC.


Lessons from tonight are to basically chill the fuck out again, I get too wound up when put with a troll. And if something doesn’t feel right then bail. Whether this is giving your role up to a player that could be just as bad a ADC as a Support or if the team has fallen apart in the pre-game lobby.

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