Its been a while and as time has gone on I’ve put this off more and more with every bit of progress with the office. I don’t even know where to start but I guess a good place would be to just upload progress photos πŸ˜€

20131005_150100 First this beam, like everything else it was a complete headache. The nails it was fixed with were near impossible to remove. We ended up having to chisel and chip away the whole piece of wood until it was removed from the wall. Then saw the nails down, hammer them further into the wall and fill over.

20131013_145203This was the hole left in the ceiling after we removed the second cupboard. There was a piece of plasterboard here but there was gap the width of the cupboard walls around it that would of been a pain to fill so we removed the board all together.

20131013_145232Full length shot of the 2nd cupboard now removed. The plan is to cover the gap in the wall down the middle of the alcove with some MDF today or tomorrow and run corner piece down the edge on the right of it where it comes round to the door.

20131017_120938This is the wall the desk will be against. It has been finished painting now but this is about 1 coat from the end with some wet patches still showing. You can see the spot lights have been installed too as well as the first coat on the false wall behind the radiator and surface above the window.

20131017_120954Same wall as above but from opposite side of the room. Here you can see we have put in the plasterboard above the previous cupboard and plastered it over.

20131017_121003Further around the room you get a full view of the alcove we are going to put the sofa bed in. Once painted we are going to fit a cupboard in the top section of the alcove.

20131019_123537The window after we decided to rip off all the tatty looking edging only to find its got quite a gap around it. Shouldn’t take too much work to tidy up.

20131019_123549Another shot of the window just to show the state it was in before we get to work making it look a bit better.

20131019_130201This is the wall to the right of the alcove, behind the door. Earlier this year we had the water tank in the loft overflow and it cause a leak down this wall from above. Its had plenty of time to dry out but doesn’t seem fond of the white paint trying to cover this up. Recently I have coated the wall in glue to try and seal it. Will just have to see how it turns out after we get some more paint down.

20131019_164423Did a little smoothing on the plaster after it dried to cover the edges better and blend it in before painting. Some areas needed a little filler to clean it up. Was a first attempt at plastering so didn’t do the best of jobs πŸ˜€ Props to people that do this stuff as a trade, really do need quite a knack.

20131019_164450Test fitting the windowsil. Didn’t get a picture before but in the gap below we have put some insulation boards to keep the heat within the room. The wall below the window, like everything else hasn’t really been done to a high standard, quite a lack of insulation before.
Down to the right are two tester spots for the green’s we were considering. Decided to opt for the more lime like one on the left, shame it costs twice the price πŸ™

20131019_164457This is the section above the window where we had the nightmare of a curtain support beam. Its now been fixed and filled. Just waiting for some of it to dry completely so it can be sanded smooth.

20131020_145705Expanding foam really expands. Not sure if its the time of year with all the moisture in the air but we put this foam deep down and its made its way right up to the surface. Easy to cut down though so won’t be a problem.

20131020_145657The window after we foamed it up. Sealed it in completely so just need to cut off the excess and get the new edging on to finish painting.
In this shot you can see the insulation I mentioned earlier packed in behind the new false wall the radiator is on.

Since taking these photos we have got a couple more coats on the walls and done the edges etc. Haven’t started the green yet but the wall its going on has 1 coat of white as a base. Hoping to get the room done by this weekend, fingers crossed. The cupboard probably won’t get put in until later but plan on getting the desks done and making a trip to ikea for all the goods.




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