bad-engineering-collapsed-roadThe road to Gold recently has turned into quite the dirt road… with major potholes… some flooded areas… and very steep inclines.

Over the last week or so my ranked play has took a serious turn for the worst. I was on my way up towards Silver 4 promo, about mid table with 40 or so LP. I lost a couple of games and decided to play some normals. I became really fond of Vi and Kayle so with some suitable top / jungle champs I headed back into ranked. Needless to see things went very pear shaped. The games just weren’t going my way.

I’m not one to blame the game on my team, I understand it’s not possible to win them all. If I’m doing my best but my team lose the game or make some poor plays then that is just the luck of the draw. If possible, it can only be fixed by improving my leadership and better use of my advantage for the team . However part of me still wants to just blame my team as I felt like so many games were thrown out of my hands.

End of the day, I’m the only constant in all the games lost so need to sort myself out. Even if I tanked from mid Silver 4 all the way down to rock bottom, 0 LP, Silver 5 :'(

The goal of hitting Gold at the end of Season 3 is looking more and more distant. The work on our home office has grinded to a bit of a halt so yet to have somewhere I can try and just zone into the game. All I can do is take any free time I have out of the game to find ways to improve myself and learn new things.

I have given up a bit on the end goal being Gold. I wasn’t even ranked in Season 2 and if I did get ranked I doubt it would of been Silver. I started Season 3 in Bronze and making it out of there into Silver is one step I should be proud of. I will still aim for Gold but end of the day I’ll just be happy seeing myself improve and Gold will just end up as next seasons target.


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