I just finished watching the first game between Gambit and Najin Sword off the back of Fnatic’s Bo3 with Cloud9 and all I can say is wow! Every one of these quarter finals have been a great to watch, so much action, plays and co-ordination. Other than the third Fnatic / C9 game they have been so close.

I’m glad to see Fnatic going so strong and until the Gambit / Najin game I would of classed them as EU’s strongest chance for the title. I can’t complain that both EU teams are certainly doing well and not going down without a fight. 123px-SKT1_logo150

My predictions for the semis will be SKT vs Najin and OMG vs Fnatic. As for finals I’ve been behind SKT from the beginning and want to see them win, so going to say they make it to the end. Their opponents I’m not so sure about. Would love to see Fnatic repping EU but I think OMG will power through. Neverless the rest of these games should all be great to watch and very close to call.

Didn’t plan on staying up this late as the confusing schedule fooled me and I thought this Gambit game was tomorrow night. Won’t catch the next game in the Bo3 or any other semi’s as they go on too far into the early hours but fingers crossed Najin pull this back!

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