I had planned on doing one of these each day progress was done but after spending all day doing it I just want to chill out and play some GTA or LoL. Instead I guess when I get time I’ll just drop an update in here like so.

We only worked about 3 days last week, well more like 2 days and about 1-2 hours of an evening so I’ll just merge it into 2.

Day 7 – Took apart skirting board and prepped for pipe work.

20130921_130140 20130921_130343 20130921_130359
We were originally going to keep the skirting board and just sand it down then add some trim. However some of it needed to be removed for access to run sockets and as it was done poorly anyway then it may as well get replaced. Saves time having to fix it up later. We cut notches into the beams for the pipes, removed the radiator and cut the wood for the new panel under the window.

Couple of issues that arose and add to the shoddy workmanship we have to tidy up after include horse shoe nails in the skirting board and a really bad job of trunking or whatever in the wall;

20130921_125900 20130921_131640
(yes the angle of that is the way it was put in and plastered over as.)

Day 8 – Drained the system and fit all the pipes for radiator.

20130921_151156 20130921_161733 20130922_153949 20130922_171924
After turning the water back on fortunately there was no leaks and ‘all’ heating working fine! Hurray! But for some unknown reason the radiator in the bathroom which comes off these isn’t working. It is more than likely an issue with the flow but going to check with the family plumber πŸ˜€

Almost got all the dusty work over and done with. Plan was to have it finished by end of Sept which is approaching fast. We have new plans for the ex-cupboard area so need to write them up tonight and get started on it this week along with getting the desks cut and prepped. Hopefully get the paintwork started this weekend, fingers crossed!




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