So since moving in to our new home and deciding to use the spare bedroom as an office we’ve gradually put off the idea to re-decorate it. We originally set a finish date of August but that came and went with no progress at all.

After attending insomnia49 we decided that while our PCs were still packed down we may as well make a start. Here is a few before shorts of the room;

20130902_181516 20130902_181603 20130902_181616 20130902_181538
The corner where the paper has already come away was due to a spillage from the water tank in the loft, the original reason to spur along the decoration.

We did have plans to include 2 separate desks (1 longer for both of us, 1 small for non-pc hobbies) and a sofa bed for guests. However due to cut costs we are just going to opt for a bigger first desk so there is room for non-pc hobbies.

Here were the original plans;


And here are the new ones (less detail as they were a bit rushed for desk dimensions);


The colour scheme we are going for is pretty much a white wash with a kiwi / lime feature wall and black accents;


Once we got started though, the project of the room developed from just a redecoration to quite a improvement project. The pain of external piping and a wall papered with no plaster underneath brought us to the decision of going all out and fixing many issues. This involved new lighting and new sockets. However as with every council house nothing is ever done properly and every little job has developed into something much worse and more time consuming. The job was hopefully a week long re-decorate job, then developed into a couple of weeks improvement job, now its looking like a month possibly a little longer.

I’ll break down what we’ve done so far into days;

Day 1 – Cleared room and stripped Wallpaper


Day 2 – Sanded Ceiling, Doors and Door Frames

Day 3 – Cut holes for lights and 1 of the sockets

Day 4 – Took down one of the cupboards. Quite a pain given the amount of screws and nails used.

20130909_181934 20130909_190831 20130909_185917 20130909_193600
Day 5 – Removed second cupboard. This one took an age with the joining wall being made of god knows and the frame above the door being plastered into the ceiling. Resorted to sawing this wall out in 3 pieces.

20130914_134747 20130915_121024
Day 6 – Took up floorboards and cut out more sockets. These were a real pain as what should of taken 5/10mins after removing screws turned into a couple of hours due to the crazy amount of nails they decided to put in too. Had to take each one out with a chisel, pliers and a hammer.

20130915_121731 20130915_121838

We’ve got the next 2 days off so chilling out tonight and will be playing GTA5 tomorrow evening before getting stuck back in on Wednesday. Will provide regular updates possibly with more detail as we progress from here.




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