Well its all over, waited all year for the weekend to come and it has flown by. Had a great time though and was a good laugh eventually meeting the sog guys properly. Gutted we didn’t get a group photo of everyone but hopefully next year eh.

Thing I hate the most about post-lan feels? The desire to buy a new PC :D. I’ve got a setup in mind, just going to wait til my birthday / xmas for funding and give anyone present ideas.


Most memorable moment of the weekend? Probably when sleep caught up with my and I decided to take a nap for 30mins only to wake up under a mountain of rubbish as you can see from the picture to the right.

This was almost the first year I went without competing in a tournament however a few weeks beforehand a couple of us decided to enter a LoL team. Nothing serious just for the laughs really. I was happy to go casual as long as we didn’t throw any games we could of won. Overall we did quite well, won 2 games in our group, could of possibly won a 3rd but fucked up early on and it just screwed the entire game.

Best moment of LAN was likely our game against Reason Gaming. We took a troll approach and went as 5 support champs with teleport. Hid in bottom bush but they spotted us with an early ward. Deciding to suprise top who now felt comfortable knowing we were bot we teleported to a ward of our own that was placed even earlier in top bush. Got the first blood and pushed on to take the first tower. Game went pretty south from there but we went down fighting with around 3 kills each and had a great laugh.

Can’t wait til next year, would like to take a more serious approach but hinges on whether or not I have time to practice with a team in the evenings. Prefer the freedom of doing whatever I want but I guess you can’t have it all.

Despite trying to convince myself that this year I would take a load of photos I took a grand total of 1. The other half managed to get a few so will pop them on flickr and link them in here asap.

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