After the welcomed reception (by most of the community) and popularity of the pre-WotLK events, Blizzard have decided to do the same with the upcoming Cataclysm Expansion.

Two new events kicked off today, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde. The Horde are given the chance to begin re-taking the Echo Isles just off the southeast coast of Durotar. Whereas the Alliance begin re-taking Gnomeregan in the west cliffs of Dun Morogh.

I myself have no horde characters so the Call for Zalazane’s Fall doesn’t interest me, however I am looking forward to getting home and begining my seige on Gnomereagan, especially since one of my main characters is a Gnome.

There are both achievements and possibly an overcloak (if the PTR is correct) to be had for completing the quests available. Starting with A Few Good Gnomes in Ironforge, there are plenty of quests to go through based on the surface of Gnomeregan. I can’t wait til I get my characters through the experience and do my part to get that once popular city back off those pesky lepers!

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