Sorry for the recent lack in activity I’ve been on 2 short holidays and haven’t played any World of Warcraft or had time to note down a blog post.

My first trip was down to Newbury over the bank holiday weekend for i40. There wasn’t much WoW stuff going on so not really anything to blog about. Spent most of my time on Counterstrike Source warming up and playing tournament matches. If I wasn’t doing that I was checking out the exhibitions, hauling in freebies or playing Mafia 2/Fifa 10 on my brothers Xbox 360. Had I great time and think its going to be on the cards for another trip down next year.

Once I finished the 5 hour drive home from Newbury and caught up on some sleep I was off to Windermere in the Lake District for a less technology encompassed time out. Went rowing on the lake the first day, gave GoApe a blast on the Wednesday, went for a great walk on the Thursday then back home yesterday.

Had a great time and now I’m back expect the blog to start rolling again πŸ™‚

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