After reading an article on about pranks it reminded me of a moment 2 nights ago that had me in absolute stiches! Was even worse that it was almost 2am and I was trying to keep my laughing in from waking people up.

We were in Azol Nerub, and like the fail post earlier were about to drop down the ‘safe’ hole. One of my friends, Xníghtingale, who plays a deathknight was first down the hole and was already scheming. I was on my Mage so to avoid any mishaps always slowfall the last bit. Anyway, unbeknown to the Paladin, nightingale decided to pop Path of Frost at the last second causing that nice crashmat of a pool to become a concrete death slab waiting for impact. Needless to say the paladin hit it hard causing us all to uproar with laughter on Teamspeak. We are unsure on how the paladin took the joke, guessing it was pretty lightly as he still grouped with us after but its those moments that I really enjoy WoW and glad there’s always fun to be had when people surprise you.

Path of Frost Prank

Path of Frost Prank




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